seriously, what a slut.
at the speaking club i got the idea when we played a game.

so in the future, the year 3060, there is a machine that gives you the appearance you want.
and there is a man, called, for example, johnny. johnny doesn't like his image in a mirror, so johnny has decided to steal himself a new look from the machine. the rule of the machine is to give the taken appearance back in the evening, so johnny made a mastermind plan where he is taking a look but never give it back. in the evening, when the look using time comes to an end, a police knocking johnny's door but he is not opening and running off with his new face.
he runs through many cities, towns and countries, and finally he made it to the town there he felt safer. but his peace days came to an end when he meets a man with the same face as he has. it is appears that in that town and the johnny's town the appearance machine is the same.
and here is the another rule of the machine: you cannot be in at same place (it includes cities,countries, public places and the most important the time continuum). so when the two guys with the same appearance met, one of them dies. so it happened. johnny met the guy, the guy is dead and the johnny gets his face - the real one - his character, memories and thoughts. the police finally loses the track of johnny and let him rest for a while in his new body. but then they found out where he is and who he became.
and in the end they rather catch him or some cliffhanger happens.

that's it.