seriously, what a slut.
I thought I heard a young boy say "daddy what do we do,
with these brand new coats of grey, that they've given me and you",
He said "boy that coat represents our great southern land,
so wear it with pride oneday I know you'll understand",

I thought I heard a woman say, "husband I love you,
I'll be waiting right here to greet you, when the war is through",
I heard the man reply, "my dear dont worry I'll be fine,
I promise I'll be home its just a matter of time"

I heard a young boy cry as he fell onto his knees,
He said "Jesus let my father rest in peace I beg you please",
I heard this young boy cry as he took his fathers hand,
"Daddy now I understand"- and then a boy became a man,

I heard a woman open up her front door all alone,
She recieves news that her husband will not be returning home,
I heard a woman break down and pray to God and scream,
What I feel it is so real, its in the air, its not a dream